ROM Updates voor Cresta tablets

Evolution 3

Inmiddels is custom ROM Evolution 3.0 uit. Als je ervaringen hebt met deze ROM dan graag in het forum.

[Release] Evolution | Version: 3.0 | Date: 20/08/12

Disclaimer: No responsibility is taken by either Cube, FMA, Fonix232 or Prox32 for your device, if it fails, bricks or dies, explodes, causes a nuclear reaction or is the reason for global warming.

Current version: Evolution 3.0.0
Release date: 20/08/2012

Credits: This firmware could not have happened without the base ROM from Moage.


  • Built from ground up again
  • Minor build.prop modifications for stability
  • Zipaligned all apps
  • Installed busybox
  • Pre-rooted
  • Stock ICS launcher
  • Removed chinese apps
  • English by default
  • New default wallpaper
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Donatie: ben je blij met de Evolution ROM geef de maker een donatie

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